Alfajores are traditional Argentine pastries made with two delicate, melt-in-your-mouth cookies embracing a luscious dollop of creamy dulce de leche caramel. Longing to share the taste of her childhood with her own children, Alfajores Bali started baking her authentic, artisanal alfajores in Bali (Indonesia).

what is an alfajor

About Alfajores Bali

ALFAJORES are a sweet sandwich cookie featuring a layer of DULCE DE LECHE (milk jam) in the middle of two sweet biscuits and coated with dark chocolate. These sweet confections can be found throughout Latin America.

ALFAJORES have been popular in Argentina and Uruguay since the mid-19 th century. However, these differ from the Spanish alfajores in that they are made with two round cookies with different sweet fillings inside them. The filling is usually DULCE DE LECHE, although there are a lot of variations.

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